08.02 - 08.03.2024

The Prophecy

Group Exhibition

The Eye Altering is pleased to announce, “The Prophecy”, a group show curated by Stavros Kapetanios aka Captain Stavros and in collaboration with his nomadic curatorial project OKAY Drops. Having studied Architecture and Visual Arts, Captain founded two years ago Okay Initiative Space, a concept space that constitutes a daring deed as it introduces newly emerging artists, supports the local art scene and enters into a direct dialogue with the international art communities. In his interdisciplinary curatorial practice, Captain expands the traditional role of the curator from merely selecting and arranging artworks in a neutral space to generating visual and conceptual posthuman environments.

In his first curatorial project in his hometown, Captain makes a Prophecy repurposing the gallery and transforming it into a sanctum sanctorum for digital natives’ creativity and insight. The communication of the Message dictates a radical modification of the space. Drawing -a medium whose economy of means and immediacy brought it to the forefront of contemporary practice– has been chosen to bypass the usual sensory channels and rational intellect.

Drawing gained the status of an independent medium with the passage from modernism to postmodernism, but in the ever-expanding field of the Anthropocene, drawing appears in new hybrid forms allowing each artist to reinvent it. For Captain, drawing comprises the “hidden surplus in the things that never become present” and the very act of drawing is a direct interference with the realm of causes and effects.

Graham Harman writes, “The world is not the world as manifest to humans; to think a reality beyond our thinking is not nonsense, but obligatory.”

What if the reality beyond our thinking is yet to come…


Participating artists:

100100, Evgenia Ioannidou, Κathy, LLoxy, Eleni Mrgoudi, Andriana Mila, Christos Melios, Zisis Mpliatkas, Anastasis Panagis Meletis, Lili Pataki, Giorgos Simeonidis, Christos Tsiampakaris

Curation: Captain Stavros

Visual Identity: Iro Karavia

The Prophecy, installation view
The Prophecy, installation view
The Prophecy, installation view
The Prophecy, installation view
The Prophecy, installation view
The Prophecy, installation view
The Prophecy, installation view

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2 Paikou street, 54625 Thessaloníki, Greece