11.11 - 16.12.2022



The Eye Altering is pleased to present the duo show of Mitsi Papazahou and Chrysanthi Karagiannaki entitled “The Hybrid Nature of my Doppelgangers”. Continuing the deliberate focus of the gallery’s

exhibition program on environments, the two emergent artists fill the space with sculptures, videos, reflections, and shadows using unexpected materials and potent symbols that walk the line between natural and digital.

Using as the starting point of their research the figure of the doppelganger, the double, the bizarre look-alike of a living person who appears in 19th-century Romantic and Gothic literature, Karagiannaki and Papazahou attempt to narrate a hybrid reality in transition from personal to interpersonal.

Although it may appear so initially, the double is not simply an alter ego, a similar Other, or an evil twin with which one needs to cope. The double embodies the inevitable remainder of singular subjectivity and stable self-identity, connecting us directly to other beings and identities. The double challenges unicity and introduces us to the topic of multiplicity since it uncovers that the boundaries between I and world, I and Other, I and me, are far from being distinct. Consequently, the figure of doppelganger allows a better understanding of one’s inner and outer multiplicity.

To understand this passage better, we may focus on the notion of narcissism drawing on psychoanalysis. Rather than simple self-love, narcissist struggles to be protected from the dangerous outside and to direct their libido back to themselves. This necessitates a split of oneself into two, as happened to Narcissus, who fell so intensely in love with his mirror image that collapsed into the water to unite with himself. The double is the result of an interior split and arises initially from a narcissistic struggle, but at the same time, it becomes a bridge to the Other through a work of intersubjective symbolization and symbolization is one of the most ancient roles of art.

After all, Papazahou and Karagiannaki reinvent themselves as young artists deciphering the symbols of their generation: A generation that lives beyond the realm of the physical world and whose identity is split between their carnal and their digital presence. For their generation, Narcissus discovers his reflection – and himself – on a screen and instead of drowning he turns himself into hundreds of thousands of grains of sand.

The Hybrid Nature of my Doppelgangers, Installation View
The Hybrid Nature of my Doppelgangers, Installation View
The Hybrid Nature of my Doppelgangers, Installation View
The Hybrid Nature of my Doppelgangers, Installation View

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