19.12.2019 - 19.01.2020


Group Exhibition

The past is defined as the set of any event having happened before the present moment. Each of these preceding occurrences leaves traces and produces outcomes that according to a deterministic perspective form both our present and our future.

Our current being lies its roots in the past now distant and thus fragmented and distorted.

We resort to archeology in order to recover the proximity to our origins following the traces and unearthing any remains. The retrieval of these remains demands excavating the site where any past activity might have been preserved.

Here we are and we start over.

The site of this excavation is Bord de l’ aux and its past activity as an art space.

The site alone may not be entirely indicative of the extent and the nature of the events that actually took place here. So, we repatriate the artworks and by extension, the artists behind them and all together dig our past in order to reestablish our mere presence in the art community and reflect on our purpose as an art space.

We reopen our doors as The Eye Altering reviving the art venue and asking you to excavate our common future from the bottomless pit of Bord de l’ aux.



Participating Artists:

Giannis Gounaridis, James Enox, Efharis, Simoni Fontana, georgeboya, Giorgos Koftis, Philippe Laferrière, Gia McHelen, Monoscopic, Vassilis Baharidis, Argiris Ser, Alexandros Simopoulos, Giorgis Taftalis

georgeboya, Greek Heroes, 2018, collage on paper, 70 x 100 cm
Argiris Ser, Pattern study, 2019, acrylic on linen, 60 x 80 cm
James Enox, Ghosts, my friends, 2019, mixed media, 30 x 21 cm
Installation view
Simoni Fontana, Feel Bright in the Dark, 2018, mixed media on paper, 70 x 50 cm
Installation view

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Friday: 17:00 - 21:00
Saturday: 11:00 - 15:00
(The indicated opening hours apply during the presentation of exhibitions.)


2 Paikou street, 54625 Thessaloníki, Greece