01.10.2020 - 15.11.2021



An artwork is not just a piece of decoration or design. An artwork is not created to only make our walls look fuller or our living room more pleasant. An artwork does not motivate us to buy or visit or use. An artist produces something of no value-in-use and many times of questionable value-in-exchange that does not communicate a clear conventional message. An artist starts from ground zero – a white canvas, water and clay or a blank document in Procreate- and invents something new – aesthetics, ideas, views, interrelations, dialogues, forms of pleasure.

However, cultural products such as music, visual arts or cinema do not constitute a necessity of life, they provide us with common space and stimuli for thought, entertainment, communication, renewal, experience, social change, freedom, healing etc. Thus, when one buys a book, goes to cinema, purchases their favourite music album, watches plays at a theatre or acquire a piece of art actively supports the arts and culture around them so as to keep existing and to make our lives richer. Only for a moment imagine how it would be the world if all of these things suddenly didn’t exist. It would be an unbearable wasteland, wouldn’t it?

Resting upon the aforementioned, we are glad to announce that The Eye Altering will hold an annual meeting called “Alteration” presenting affordable and accessible artworks and art prints so as to give everyone the opportunity to support young and emerging visual artists from all over the world. Come visit us to celebrate the intrinsic value of art!

Participating Artists:

Panagiotis Archontis/ Fotios Balas/ Fotini Chamidieli/ Paraskevi Chatzopoulou – dotvoula/ Francesca D’ Andrea (Italy)/ Lola Dupre (Scotland)/ Efharis/ Simoni Fontana/ Danai Ioannidou/ Vasiliki Galimana/ Georgia Grigoriadou/ Michalis Sokratis Kafousias/ Nefeli Kyriakou/ Stan Manoukian – Grograou (France)/ Matina mcbr/ Gia McHelen/ Sofia Mylona/ Olga Mpika/ Seungyea Park (Korea)/ Marianna Panagiotoudi/ Silvia Pavarini (Italy)/ Elena Rossato (Italy)/ Marcin Aleksander “Svips” Rudnicki (Poland)/ Argiris Ser/ Felix Scheinberger (Germany)/ Sofia Serebriakova (Russia)/ Alexandros Simopoulos/ Juniper Skeinner (Canada)/ Sylviro/ Marcy Syreggela/ Truue (Russia)/ Fotini Tsakiroudi/ Roshni Vyam (India)/ Ledio Xhaferi (Albania)

Seungyea Park, Handog, 2018, art print on paper, 40 x 30 cm, edition of 10
Seungyea Park, Enforced insight, 2019, art print on paper, 70 x 50 cm, edition of 10
Juniper Skeinner, Tonnnny, 2018, mixed media on paper, 10 x 12 cm
Sofia Serebriakova, Sound fragment 13, art print on paper, 45 x 30 cm, edition of 30
Simoni Fontana, Ourania, 2019, art print on paper, 70 x 50 cm, edition of 25
Sylviro, Untitled, 2019, print on photographic paper, 45 x 30 cm, edition of 5
Elena Rossato/ Roxarts, The lovers, 2019, coloured pencils on paper, 30 x 21 cm

Wednesday: 11:00 - 15:00
Thursday: 17:00 - 21:00
Friday: 17:00 - 21:00
Saturday: 11:00 - 15:00
(The indicated opening hours apply during the presentation of exhibitions.)


2 Paikou street, 54625 Thessaloníki, Greece